Paint the city BLUE!

Hey guys!

Yeah I know - it's ages since last time you have heard from me...

However, today I did some EF promotion again with a new (EF) friend of mine :)

For some reason EF decided to change color.... Hmmm so now I don't paint the city anymore... I paint it blue :) well i ry hope that soon i will get the language travel for fre:))

Until 19 of february you can get 1500kr off if you travel inside Europe amf 2500kr off if you travel to the USA, Asia or Australia! If you mention my name (Camilla Haakonsen) when you order :))

Hope that you go for it!

- Camilla :)

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07.02.2016 kl.21:08

Så flinke dere er Camilla! <333


09.02.2016 kl.11:03

Ida: tusen takk snupps! <3

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