If you work for it, you will get it!

Hey guys! ☺☺

Today, when I opened my mailbox, i found something cool, and maybe something that was a little unexpected ... :) There was actually a mail from EF having us as examples as good EF Ambassadors!! :) That totally made my day hahaha! Lol.

But every EF ambassador works against one goal: a language travel for free! And that can be you! If you wotk for it, you will get it! :)

- and you can do it no matter where you live; either in Trondheim or in Malm, because all you have to do is walking around with EF brushures and do promo for EF! Super easy, huh? :)

So if you are keen on getting 500 points as EF an ambassador, that is a brilliant way of doing it!! :)

You know, that's an awesome way to get bookings too!! :)

- Camilla :)

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07.10.2015 kl.16:15

S flinke dere er, st p videre! :-)


07.10.2015 kl.17:32

Siri: tusen takk!! :)

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