Hey guys!

yesterday something incredibly cool happened - there was a man from EF, Stocholm saying that they might be interested in using this blog at the EF ambassador page! :) Haha that was so awesome haha! I know it's not a big thing, but still, I freaked out a little!! :) That made my day!! He asked if I had the blogposts in English, which Unfortuonatly, I don't have... :) but now you can transelate the whole blog into English by choosing English in the right (side bar):) How awesome is that!!:) However, it won't be the best transilation, cause it's through google transelate... But it gives you at least the oppertunity to understand:)

So from now on I'll write in English! I hope that's Ok! :)

And once again I want you to send me QUESTIONS about the trip (if you want haha) :) - That i will answer in a movie later :) Just comment below :)

- Camilla :)

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03.10.2015 kl.11:54

1.Hva var det beste med turen?

2. Fikk du mange venner p turen?

3. Savnet du Norge nr du var der?

4. Hvor mye tok du med p turen?

5. Var det noe negativt med turen?


03.10.2015 kl.12:05

Hva var det beste med turen?

Hvor mange gode venner fikk du?

Hvor mye hadde du med i lommpenger?

Hva var det du likte minst med turen?

Hvor lenge bestilte du fr du skulle dra?

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