Hey guys!

yesterday something incredibly cool happened - there was a man from EF, Stocholm saying that they might be interested in using this blog at the EF ambassador page! :) Haha that was so awesome haha! I know it's not a big thing, but still, I freaked out a little!! :) That made my day!! He asked if I had the blogposts in English, which Unfortuonatly, I don't have... :) but now you can transelate the whole blog into English by choosing English in the right (side bar):) How awesome is that!!:) However, it won't be the best transilation, cause it's through google transelate... But it gives you at least the oppertunity to understand:)

So from now on I'll write in English! I hope that's Ok! :)

And once again I want you to send me QUESTIONS about the trip (if you want haha) :) - That i will answer in a movie later :) Just comment below :)

- Camilla :)

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03.10.2015 kl.11:54

1.Hva var det beste med turen?

2. Fikk du mange venner på turen?

3. Savnet du Norge når du var der?

4. Hvor mye tok du med på turen?

5. Var det noe negativt med turen?


03.10.2015 kl.12:05

Hva var det beste med turen?

Hvor mange gode venner fikk du?

Hvor mye hadde du med i lommpenger?

Hva var det du likte minst med turen?

Hvor lenge bestilte du før du skulle dra?

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