One amazing journey is over, another starts!

Hey! Ages since you heard from me, sorry about that... seriously, we have had one test each day this week ... now that's finally over :) can't complain about that! :D

Well anyways ... last Saturday was a very special day for me, sad but also one of the best days of my life also! All of my top ten best days have been with EF so... well, there was the reunion! :) that I basically have been waiting for since I came home from NY! :)

It was amazing seeing Morten again as always, the best courseleader ever! I really can't explain how lucky I've been who got to spend the last three summers with him... I seriously feel honoured about it! :) - and 11 out of 13 of the 4- weeks - New York gang came too! That was amazing! And lastly but also fantastic was that MICHAEL CAME!!!! The centre manager from Long beach! I was sooooo undesirably happy to see him! Really! Been waiting for that for a year now! Words can't describe how fantastic that made my last day with EF Language Travels the best I could ever ask for!

Thank you everyone, for making this the best two year of my life, the best three summers of my life! I love you!

However and luckily, this is not my last time with EF! I'll, as I'd mentioned, be going for three months with EF language Courses to San Diego next year and also to EF berlin!! Can't wait for that! In fact, today there's exactly one year till I'm leaving San Diego ; ;( already feeling sad about that haha) and go to EF berlin (happy about that) haha!!

So I've got a lot of adventures in front of me! Can't wait for that!!

Love, Camilla :)

Yes Morten you're the number one ... forever and ever!

Like a rock in my chest but don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened ❤

Hey guys!

Where have I been? Well... now I think I can be able to blog about my two last days ... I've just been so sad I haven't been able to ... you know ... it's been awful leaving the two pervious years as well, but this was my absolute last time and saying goodbye to for example morten, that's been a huge part of my life since 2015, Robert, Kyle and not knowing when I'm going to see them again, that's kinda unbearable...

but it's as Juri once said: don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened... :)

The two last days were like this:

First graduation, where I held a speech and completely totally bursted into tears ... hahah earlier on, we have had like three or four days left when there's graduation... but here it was the absolute last thing we did ... well... It was nice tho! :) and then we have morten a little gift from the 13 minions that we are haha :)

Then we went to see Times Square by night ❤ and after that it was only hugging, crying and small message writing ... and I got a hoodie saying "hello hello hello EF celebrating 50 years". That he got right before the summer of 2015... and that's all the three summers we've been traveling together .... god I cried!

And the day after, we had to check out if our rooms by 8.30 and then we placed it in the dancing room and no one wanted to go out the door haha ... five hours later ... 13.45 ... when the bus came to pic us up... tears all over after yet another best summer ever! Tears all over ... Robert, morten, Hugo, the nurse , Kyle, Jojo ... I can continue forever ....

and then when we came to Newark Liberty International i had to say goodbye to Kyle ... not forever i hope ... but for a very long time.. and that's probably some of the worst things I've done in my life... then we landed in Oslo 20 minutes before we we're going to ... :) I didn't want that plane ride to end .. im going to see that gang at the reunion ... can't wait for that! But I still miss them!

Hoping some of the locals will come too!!!

- the only bad thing about EF is that it always come to an end... such an indescribable summer!

Thank you! :) love you!

- see you soon!

Love, Camilla

Only one full day left of this paradise:(

Heyy guys!

Now I'm sitting all sweaty in the gym with a basketball under my knees, relaxing my feet. I have seriously started liking basketball while being here! Haha! But there's one very sad thing and that is that we're going back to Norway on Saturday... I'm going to freaking cry my eyes out....

anyways ... I'll try not to think about that now ... because we've still got time left and that, I have planned to enjoy fully and completely!! :)

So since the last time you heard from me, there's been a lot of cool stuff happening: prom, shopping, NY soho and so on :)

Yesterday's prom was really really amazing!! And the decoration was so the best!! Loved the atmosphere! Hahah

Today, the others are at Six Flags, but I didn't want to spend my language travel by throwing up haha so I stayed here at campus just chilling :) so what I've been doing today is basically started packing, gone to ACME, the store and now played some basket :) next on the schedule is to write the graduation speech that I'm going to hold tomorrow, or if not write at least structure it and hoping it'll be good! :) dinner and chill Haha see you!

- Camilla

Amazing things happening


There's been a while since I blogged now, but that's just because I haven't had the time because there's been so much going on! On Friday, there was the graduation for the ones that are staying only three weeks... and then we went to see Times Square at night and then on Saturday we went to see the 9/11 memorial, Wall Street and Brooklyn Bridge! That was completely amazing! The only awful thing that day was that we had to say goodbye to the three - weekers :( god I cried :( and then the AMAZING activity leader from last year, Greg stopped by!! Omg I really had missed him so much!! And I do miss him now :) but so grateful that he came! Yesterday I played basket again and we went to NYC again :)

There's only five days left :(( couldn't be more sad about that... but it's not over yet and every second and every day will be enjoyed till the and and to the fullest! I refuse to realize that! That awful fact ...

now there was school and lunch to! And we got to keep Hugo!!!! Yeyyy!!

And now we are goi g to a mall! Still living in my dream! Still living in my EF bubble!

See you!

- Camilla


Wow! What a day!


Yesterday was the last excursion that I'm going to this year... that's too sad, but there's still over one week left here at the east coast paradise! Luckily! Every day and every second is going to be enjoyed! :)

Anyway! Yesterday was amazing! At 8.30 we met up in the lobby and headed to NYC, where we got to see both the Statue of Liberty (yeah we went off the boat and on the Liberty island)

One "have to do before I die" - experience done! Wow! It was massive, unforgettable and magic! The funny thing is that it didn't look that massive from a distance, but the closer you came, the he greater it was! I'm still amazed haha! - that was actually the second thing that was on our schedule of yesterday. The first thing we did, was going on top of the Empire State (!!!) building! That was .... I don't have words! That was staggering! I all of yesterday was like: am I dreaming right now? And all of you amazing people just made it awesome! You made it a day worth to remember!

The only thing that wasn't that cool was that when we were to enter the elevator that was going to take us to the top of the Empire State (which was super cool - because they played a video of how it possibly was build while going upwards), we (Morten, Martin and I) took a professional picture that was going to show the Empire State in the background, and I got to see the picture when we were headed down again and I was offered to buy it, but that picture cost $25! And I think we had just as amazing pictures on top of the real Empire State ;) so I didn't buy it. Now I kinda regret that a little hahah... well... I might find it on the internet!

And then, it's a bit funny, because it's weird how a bus ride can take everything from Unser 15 minutes from campus to NYC or the opposite way around or almost a whole tree hours, depending on the traffic! When we were at broadway, we had the high way to ourselves, while we now spent one hour just from the Empire State to the beginning of the Central Park! Haha so to be precise, we spent exactly two hours and 45 minutes back home last night ... lol.. but good music, having two seats for myself AND closed eyes, and a relaxing mode makes wonders! Hahah I actually think it was kinda chill :p people might think I am crazy hahah ... but... and, furthermore, two weeks ago when we went to NYC for the first time, we actually spent exactly three hours because of no motion at all... :p so we were one quarter faster now than then hehe :)

But now, over to a sadder part: tomorrow there will be a lot of groups of ITL 1 that will leave, because of their stay being over. The ones that stayed for only three weeks.. Italian, danish and Martin's group of Norwegian ... luckily not me... but the campus IS going to feel emptier without them... but then it will go so fast until it's our turn :( bah... I'll just not think about that... because I'm really going to enjoy this last week! There will be so much fun happening! - anyways , we'll be attending the other groups graduation and tonight will be going back to Times Square and experience NYC by night! I'm so looking forward to that! Because the "bad" thing about being here... hahah is that graduation is the last full day, which means I'm going to REALLY REALLY cry my eyes out... :( in LB there was like five days left when there was graduation so... but I gotta survive ... promise that haha... and as I said, there's one whole week left! And I'm going to enjoy that as if it was the last week of my life haha... :p because I'm still in my EF bubble, im still living in a dream... and that's going to last for a little bit more than a week! :)

- Love Camilla

My course leader is basically a mix between the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State! He's almost as tall haha

Only ten days left :( - Enjoy every second and every day that's left! :D

Hey guys!

Now there's a while since you heard from me, but the last couple of days has been amazing just like everything here with EF thornwood. Now I'm sitting on the grass outside of the school building, enjoying the heat and waiting for class to start! Well, there's been a lot going on!

On Monday, we had a bonfire party and I before that, I just laid town in the grass and chilled, and then it suddenly started raining like TONS! It was POURING DOWN like seriously hahah there were streams of water and the heaven fell down... however, we just continued partying under some tarpaulins... but that only lasted for some few minutes .... it was actually kinda fun! Lol.

Yesterday, we had no school, but what we did was going to Manhattan and did some shopping and then we went to BROADWAY !!! And saw WICKED!! Omg! They were SO extremely talented! Wow! That was quite another experience than going to a Theater in Norway haha... the sounds ... the effects ... everything... wow! What a musical!

And today we started out with lounge, then I had to say goodbye ( :(((( ) to my dear friend and such a star, Margaret, who was the activities Manager, until now before she goes back to Cali, Sacramento, her hometown, to pack before going to New Castle to doing a school program there. That was not easy. But now there's school... and tomorrow back to manhattan! See you!

- love, Camilla

High as a kite!!!

Okay! Where should i start???

BOSTON! The Boston weekend! (San Francisco, you've got company) BECAUSE this weekend is from now on placed as one of the best weekends of my life!! I mean EVERYTHING was fantastic, everything was special, everything is going to be remembered throughout a lifetime! I'm sitting here in the lounge up in second floor shaking because I'm high as a kite because everything was fabulous! Haha - from the Quincy Market to Harvard to the guided tour to the Boston boat party, to the 4D cinema thing we did today! At the science museum! Well, now I can start telling what we did! Haha!

On Friday we went here from campus at 8.30 am and then there was a three hours long bus ride. Then we went directly from campus to Harvard University (!!!) but it was Ewing super much.. but that really didn't matter... I got some amazing pictures anyways... and it was so hot that it really didn't do anything to be a bit wet.. then we went shopping g at Quincy market where me, Louise and Margrethe went eating at a super cozy American cafe ish thing called Quincy's Place, then we went to the hotel, which was super nice and contained a Starbucks (!!) haha, me and Margrethe ended up with two Danish girls at our room that were nice!

Then yesterday was nothing but perfect! I couldn't asked for anything better! The EF Boston trip is SO worth the money!! :) we started out with breakfast at the hotel at 7.30 as usual, then at 8.30 we had to meet in the resection to get on our bus that was going to take us on a guided tour around in Boston. Then we picked up the coolest guide ever! His guiding was the best I've ever experienced! He was SO funny! So cool! Norman, loved him! He shoved us around while telling us about the history of the city in America where it all started , with the Boston massacre and the Boston tea party (that really wasn't a tea party) hahah. Then we went to a monument place a TAAAAL monument thing with 294 steps in it to come to the top, I really though I wasn't going to be able to climb that one, but I did! :D Thor feeling of personal Victory was amazing! Then there was a skywalk thing with an amaaaaazing view and then back to Quincy Market, and dinner at Hard Rock Cafe Boston before there was one of the best parties of my life at a boat, an EF cruise, best music, best atmosphere , best EVERYTHING!

Before we went to bed and arrived at the hotel at 23.00.

Then today there was breakfast again and then we went to the Museum of Science!! There, there was a 4D movie Theater showing a science program! Wow! That was sooooo cool! Never seen such a great thing before!

Then we went back to campus... with a hyped Camilla because of here just having the time of her life!

- love, an Excited Camilla

Basket, cheats, arts!


Well, now I just went out from the Gym all sweaty, because of playing basketball! Dude Kyle is just the best basketballteacher! He taught me just perfectly! Haha now I'm actually starting to hit the basket a bit ;)

So we started the day with Chillout (or for me going to ACME with a friend then basketball- playing) then in 30 mins there will be lunch and then school! Then in the night there will be popcorn and movies night! I love having school here btw! It's so fun! And especially with Hugo!

AND tomorrow is Boston and I CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!! Just like I really can't wait for all the activities we are doing here! I completely, totally, absolutely love being here!

Well anyway!

Yesterday was also a fun day! We started out with school as X- band, and then we had lounge and arts night and I changed my bed cheats.. yey! And this time i actually got to place the cheat around the mattress! Haha, so now I gotta do what I'm supposed to do now, chill out, and pack for the trip that's coming up tomorrow!

See ya!

- love Camilla

Hahah a friend of mine :p

Basket, cheats, arts!


Well, now I just went out from the Gym all sweaty, because of playing basketball! Dude Kyle is just the best basketballteacher! He taught me just perfectly! Haha now I'm actually starting to hit the basket a bit ;)

So we started the day with Chillout (or for me going to ACME with a friend then basketball- playing) then in 30 mins there will be lunch and then school! Then in the night there will be popcorn and movies night! I love having school here btw! It's so fun! And especially with Hugo!

AND tomorrow is Boston and I CANT WAIT FOR THAT!!! Just like I really can't wait for all the activities we are doing here! I completely, totally, absolutely love being here!

Well anyway!

Yesterday was also a fun day! We started out with school as X- band, and then we had lounge and arts night and I changed my bed cheats.. yey! And this time i actually got to place the cheat around the mattress! Haha, so now I gotta do what I'm supposed to do now, chill out, and pack for the trip that's coming up tomorrow!

See ya!

- love Camilla

Hahah a friend of mine :p

Pie in the Face and happy birthday USA!!!

Hey yo guys!

First of all, HAPPY 4th OF JULY! Happy birthday USA!

Yesterday we had such a chill day!! School was first thing in the morning, where we had the funniest task ever! We made a video that we called "badass basketball player", then after school, we had a chill out in the lounge, and I went with Katharina to Rosehill, the Acmi- store and she bought stuff, then there was dinner and then there was a carnival party at the fields behind the school! Haha, that was soooo completely fun! We had different games, and I won the bottle race game where we were going to have a stocking on our head with a tennis ball inside it and knocking down as many bottles as possible while running Hahahah ... I won that lol.. and in the end some of the leaders were thrown a Pie in their face by some students ... I would never be able to do that, I would have felt so mean!! But it was fun to watch though lol :) Morten, Marisa and Andy were pied hahah

Today there's the independence day so that's equal no school. Soooo we got to sleep looong, I slept until 9.30 and then there was BBQ and the cafeteria was decorated with American flags all over!loved it! And also I got some taiwanischen cookies from a Taiwan friend of mine that arrived two days ago! Loved them!

Then there was water wars and I got totally socked! Hahah.

Now we are waiting to go to a place called Terrytown to watch the fireworks 💥 And I completely can't wait!!!

Happy love from me!!

I don't have words !!

Well, guys ... the last time I blogged was right before the glow - party in the gym, not yesterday but the day after that :) I when I blogged back then I pictured a party with good music , glow sticks, fun, laughter and the leaders announcing the winners of the instagram challenge that we had, and yes, that happened, but in addition to that, there was this SUPERCARING guy who suddenly announced my name. Music was playing and a leader, Jojo, stopped it. Then they started announcing my name. I was like: no way, this has to be another Camilla, and if i actually went up there, what if it wasn't me?! But then my friends started pushing me towards the 'stage' where the dj was; and before I realized it, I was actually standing with Daniel in front of me, holding flowers and handed them to me(!!) everyone was cheering and after giving him a hug and gotten my tears controlled, I turned around and faced the crowd, blitz, smiling faces everywhere and then they started shouting Camilla, Camilla .. Camilla ... wow!

This is a moment I'll remember for a lifetime! :D

And yesterday we went to Woodbury outlet and I spent UNDER $50!! Buying one sweater from Michael Kors and something from Calvin Klein PLUSS one ice cream!

This is America! This is sick! 😱

Then today we went back to New York City, it was hot, but windy, which made it perfect! And we went to a SUPERNICE park called Bryant Park and went shopping from there ;)

Then me and some other girls, Frida, anne Marte and one other went to Hard Rock Cafe New York and bought a burger that we brought home to Campus and ate there, then, now, I'm sitting there and waiting for a s' mores party to start at the football field!

That's gonna be nice!! :)

- life from me!

New York City (!!!!), BBQ, action learning project & task

Hey yo!!

Sorry that I didn't get to blog last night, but I was a bit tired when I got home from NYC! Anyways, I'm blogging now hehe :)

Yesterday was AMAZING, it was something I'm going to remember throughout my life!! You know that insane feeling when you get to experience something for the first time?? It was FANTASTIC!! I don't have a strong enough vocabulary to really explain it, there are certain things you just have to experience yourself! :D it was a mix between San Francisco's union square and Las Vegas, at least the Times Square !!!! I'm living in my lovely EF bubble, I just love it so completely much! Yesterday a dream came true, I've been waiting for this my entire life and now I've been to NYC!! And we are going back on Sunday! Woaaaaah! I'm so so so FREAKING HAPPY NOW!! Yesterday is on my list of top five favourite days, and all of them has happened with EF :)

Anyways, now I gotta go back on track haha, and then there was Central Park! Wow! You know... it's a huge park ... gigantic ... but it's just as nice, there's something special with that park that I really loved! It might have been the Idea of being in NYC ... but still ... it was beauuuutyful! And Chinatown - and little Italy! Personally that was some of the things I liked the most with the city! Because I find it so fascinating that each nationality kind of has its own little corner in the Empire City!! ;) nah, I just think this is AMAZING!!!

And then there was today; school was the first thing in the morning where we talked about refugees and the Syrian refugee crisis... that was so interesting! And i say here crying because we watched videos and stuff ... then we handed in our homework that was to ask people a question, a random one, what would you do if you found a snail on top of your head?

SCREAM!! Hahah

And now we there will be a scavenger hunt with instagram pics... excited about that!

And then there will be a disco tonight! That's gonna be fun!

- love Camilla :)

American sports - chill out and lounge - school

Hey guys!

I'm entirely sure about that this might not show up ... but I'm trying anyway :)

Even though I didn't have the time to blog last night, we had such an relaxing day! We started out with that type of breakfast that you only get in the US(!!) and then we had lounge, and except that I misplaced my phone and was literary half a day without it, it was very nice!! Morten, some other students and I were playing janga, it's a play were you build a tower out of some wooden bricks and then remove one without making it implode :) and we had an experience where it looked like it was going to fall when I took it out, but it didn't haha... but when it was Morten's turn, it tipped over... haha and then there was school and we went for a walk out in the woods!! That Was nice! Then in the evening we had sports :) and Inga found my phone! Yey! All creds to her! Amdeeeep inside my on tycloset! And then there was sports in the evening!

Today the x - band (aka me) started out with school! Then we had "hell's kitchen" and went to the store and bought foods for $10 for ten mins and then went back to the "New York" classroom and made the food for Hugo, our teacher, that was really fun! We made a fruit salad with Greek yougurt and almonds :) he liked it, but we didn't win.... that was a burrito group ... then we went to an indoor Tivoli called Sport time USA, that was fun, but I didn't dare to take all the rides... then there was dinner and now we are getting ready for lounge so I'm excited for what they think of doing with us now haha :)

AND TOMORROW THERE IS NEW YORK TIME AND REALLY CANNOT WAIT!!!:D been waiting for this all my life and now it finally happens!!! (!!!!)

I'm in my er bubble, my seventh heaven!!

Hug from me!

- one SUPEREXCITED Camilla

Me and my teacher!! :)

First day in the USA!!

Hey yo!

Well, today has been such a chillaxing day! We started it all with waking up and I figured that I'm kinda affected by the jet lag after all Hahah... woke up every hour ... :p so I hope this night will be a bit more predictable than the other one haha :)

So at 7.30 there was breakfast, just as good as an American breakfast can be! And then there was student orientation where we went through some rules and just got some information, then we did a campus tour and went through the fire escape rules, then there was just some info at school and we turned out to have THE CUTEST teacher ever!!! Hugo! Omg this is gonna be such a fun school experience, I'm sure!! :)

Then after that there was lunch, and that was even better!!! After that we went to Walmart and again I was overwhelmed!! It's so freaking big!!! The other gang of 13 bought a lot and i ended up not buying anything haha... because I couldn't find the detergent, but I guess I'll just figure that out :)

And after Walmart there was dinner and the ones that hadn't payed for their extra excursions yet had the change to do that :)

Then now we are being outside in the garden having the most funny and cozy welcome party 🎉!! So this has been such a fun day, like it's always is with EF! :)

So it turned out that I'm in the x - band like I for some reason always am and I definitely can't complain!

Good night guys! Tomorrow there will be activities in the morning after breakfast! And I can't wait for it all!!!

Love, from the ef bubble, Camilla :)

Welcome to New York - it's been waiting for you (me?)

Hey guys!

Well, now I'm sitting in my bed in a white room, number 332, with three beds in it, three desks, one bathroom and one huge window (!) with other words, this is an amazing room that I'm sharing with my already good friend Maren and my dearest best friend Louise from long beach last year! My bed is under a bunkbed which transforms it into a little cave, my personal little cave, and it's so ... cozy here! Okay... now I gotta get to my point.. hahah;

WE - I - US - are BACK IN THE United States!!!!😍 to be honest, I don't think I have really realized it yet, even though we've stayed here for half a day already! Really... this is... AMAZING, FANTASTIC, UNBELIEVABLE, INCREDIBLE..... I could continue in an eternity!!! Stop me ... I've been here only a few hours, ready to go to bed now, but I have already fallen in love with this place! EF thornwood, New York!!

This is my first time in New York! And I'm so forever grateful, because the atmosphere here makes it feel like it's been waiting for me! - yes I left my heart in Long Beach, but now I've come here to leave my heart here too!!

I KNOW right here and now that this will be just as amazing as LB! :)

And also another amazing thing is that we are a group of only 13 students this time and we have already come so close!! Guys!!

This is amazing!

How can u describe it? Words can't? Maybe pictures can give an impression? :)

Well my journey started at 6. Am Norwegian time. My dad drove me to Gardermoen airport where I met Morten and his helper Daoud and the twelve others in my group, including Louise that I had met the day before as well:) then we had to check in and go to gate, then at 11.10 am the plane left the ground and we were off to NY!! (Which I obviously have problems with understanding even now haha), after an eight hours plane trip we had to get our luggage and wait for the Italians to get out of the immigration control, where I btw didn't get any spooky questions because of me being a bit different hahah, luckily!! :) and then we headed off to campus in the middle of a forest! It's adorable here! And 30*C!! :) wooow!

Then we got some information about things, rules and stuff, our room keys - unpacked our suit cases - and went downstairs for some pizza, such a great time with activities and the EF dance!! :) activities that Margaret had set up, as the activities manager! :)

I was too excited to being jet laged haha and I still am!

Now I can't wait for the following four weeks to comme, it's going to go fast, so I gotta enjoy every second, but here is where I should be, with EF is where I belong and also where I can be myself for real!!

I really should sleep now, good night from New York!

NY hugs from me, an excited Camilla :)



Yeah, you just read correctly, I'm alive ... not dead although it kinda has seemed so the last couple of months ... sorry about that ...

Well, now I'm back in! Promise! Haha :)

NOW THERE ARE ONLY 15 DAYS until I'm going with EF again! Can you believe it? !!! My 3rd year!!! This is incredible! So when I go there will be exactly (on the date) two years since i traveled the first time and 370 days since I went back the second time! And not just that BUT I'm also going with my best friend from 2016 AND also, Morten is going TO BE MY course leader again... he's been following me since I started with EF and have been in love since haha 😍

But now there will be a change... I'm not going to LB this time, I'm going to NY Thornwood! I'm going to miss Long Beach so much! But it will be nice to experience something new after all!!! 😍 so completely looking forward to that!!! And also Margaret is going to be the Activities Manager in NY!! Can you believe it!! This is just going to be SO awesome!! I literary have no words!! EF ... fifteen days!! Now I have to start packing soon, I'll start buying things and write the lists with things I'll need to bring!

And also, I have some other news for you guys! BiG NEWS!

Next summer, in the summer of 2018, the summer when I graduate, I'll be going for two weeks to EF San Diego at the new campus there! :) and go visit lB (see, i will never really let go of California haha) afraid I'm gonna say the same about New York after having a stay there tho! But I'll just enjoy it! So I can't wait for everything really!! And also, I'll be going with ef language courses to EF berlin after that!!!

#sick! :D

Well now I have to concentrate on NY (haha Luxury problem lol :)


This is going to be great! 😍

See you!

- Camilla

What makes EF so Special!! :)

Heyyo guys!

Ages since you heard from me now, but there hasn't been that much EF stuff happening ... just ALOT of school haha :)

Anyway today, and yesterday there was something VERY COOL happening actually!!

Yesterday I Skyped with some international EF ambassadors! It was so fun! Mostly from Russia and Germany! We are going to start a project of some kind! It's going to be FABULOUS! We haven't really decided what yet... but I'll let you know when I know!!

I'm feeling lucky who get to being the ambassador representing Norway in this project!!

AND today I did a thing that makes EF to Best organization ever: I met Margaret and Morten! My course leader from this year and an activity leader from last year!! It was AMAZING as always! I can't really describe how much I appreciate that!! You are special guys!

So this is pretty much what I've been doing the last couple of days!!

Been two SUPER days!

And I just have to say it: if you order a language travel before October 28, you'll get 4300kr in discount if you mention my name Camilla Haakonsen when you order!!

Do it!

And now there are only 246 days until New York!! :)

EF: 22 94 12 00! :)

See you!

- Camilla!

Justin Bieber - pink -street action!

Hey guys!

This weekend there really has been a lot to do... but I'm loving it!!!

On Friday one of the best things happened! Something I've been waiting for in a very long time,

The Justin Bieber concert!!

That was really such an AMAZING experience and I got SO near him!!! - that was also one EF reward that two other ambassadors won, Nikette and Synne :) they deserved it so much!!! I'm so very happy for them!!!

Then on Saturday Ida, Erik, Anna and I went Street action, and there were SO MANY people downtown!! It was FANTASTIC!! Lots of people who were going to the Bieber - concert that was yesterday and also lots of other people! And today me and Nikette also went out and painted the city pink! We were doing what we love! ;)

So this was such a LEGENDARY weekend!!! Hope you had a weekend just as perfect as mine!!

- Camilla :)

Sndag med Ste Nikette<33

Helt ekte fra JB konserten!

Two days in pink!!

Heyyo guys!

Yeah! I just love pink - days! Or EF days!! Yesterday there was a information meeting with EF that I attended! It was GREAT!! - Actually everything went very good! I couldn't be more satisfied! And also, there's a new worker at the EF office! She started on Monday! She's so so very sweet! Omg! But that's the thing about EF! There are only SUPERSWEET people who works there!!!

That's the main reason Why I love working at the office!

And today me and Ida Natalie worked at the office again - packing ambassador packings! Back on track! That was what we did last year! And there's something really cosy with it!

Thank you so very very much EF for making these two days amazing as you always do!!! :)

- Camilla :)

In the seventh heaven!

My heart is a locker- this weekend I put more fantastic memories in it! :)

OMG! This is a weekend I can put on my top - ten - favourite - days - list!

As you know, Celine and Louise came and stayed at my place from Friday till today! And there was the EF reunion!


It all started with Celine coming out of the bus that took her from the airport to my place and then, I don't think I have hugged a person tighter than what I did then, I was sooo happy seeing her! When we came to my place, we went out again and shopped some candy and stuff which we could eat while waiting for Louise. Around seven, Louise showed up - and this time, there was a HUUUGE group - hug waiting!!! It was indescribable seeing her again!! :D

Then we sat and did the normal stuff - updated each other on our lives, what had happened since we left Cali- and there was this amazing feeling being back in me again.. AND ALSO! Louise has been thinking on going to NY as well! That's magic if she does so!! Omg!! :)

On Saturday, yesterday, we also had such a fun day and I was so lucky that I got to experience my skills as a tour guide ... Hahahah just kidding :p but we took the metro from where I live to the station called "national Theateret" and went straight to the Hard Rock Cafe Oslo to order a table, but they weren't open yet, so then we just took the risk of coming back later and just assume that there would be some free tables. We were going to recreate the dinner we had in Las Vegas! - which we did! That was amazing! :)

And then we went to the elevator at Tjuvholmen .... But of course that one didn't open before twelve, so we ended up going to the castle and then Frognerparken and from there to the hard rock and eat lunch :) after we ate lunch, we went home and got ready for the EF reunion party!! :)

But before we went to the party, we climbed the roof of the Opera House in Oslo! :) I had actually never done that before, so that was such an experience for me too! :D

Then there was the Ambassador kick off! We got some info about the Ambassador program and also I was nominated to the Ambassador with most bookings!! That was FANTASTIC!! So then I ended up with winning a "fell Reven" backpack and a diploma saying "most bookings" and a "gold medal" made of chocolate! :D

After that, there was the reunion! It was AMAZING INDESCRIBABLE FANTASTIC seeing everyone again!! :)

Seeing the absolute fantastic, best Morten, seeing the AMAZING Mara, who came all the way from England to attend the party and also the legendary Svein - Egil! - that was AMAZING!!! :) and also all my other friends, the ambassadors, the people working at the EF office etc!

We had the BEST night!!! Or at least I! You couldn't have made it more perfect guys! Thank you!!

And today me, Louise and Celine just spent our morning eating breakfast and saying goodbye ....

That's the only bad thing about EF... You have to say goodbye some day ... And today was the day of that... Doesn't mean we are never going to see each other again though! I'm actually going to see Louise very soon! And also Celine one day! And if Louise is joining New York with me - and Morten- then I am speachless...!!! Then almost nothing can be better!

So we'll just have to wait and see!

I had the best weekend!

Thank you! - I love you!! :)

- a grateful Camilla!! :)


Hey guys!

Sorry - but now there's a while since you heard from me... But the last few days I've been doing street action and I thought it might be a bit boring if I only bloged when I was out going street action ... :) so now I'm out with some very good news!!! :)



I can't really describe how fantastic that feels right now! There is a coda sparkling inside me now!! :)

But the thing is that I have changed my destination, from the absolutely amazing, memorable, fantastic Long beach till EF New York :) I think there is time to discover something new after all!! Although, I'll ALWAYS have EF Long Beach forever in my heart!!! There will always be something special with the people I met at Long Beach! :) I'll always love that place and have a special connection to that place, but now is the time to explore my horizon a little! :)

And I'm looking forward to this!! :)

Aaaaand, my time as an ambassador is far from over yet! It's going to be AMazing continuing with it! :)

And also, this weekend is the REUNION!!!

I CANT WAIT for that!!! And the best thing is, that the Danish Celine and Louise will be staying at my place all weekend!

And on Saturday we are going to recreate Las Vegas, by going out eating at the Oslo Hard Rock Cafe! That's going to be exciting!! Because I've never been there before... Only to the ones in San Francisco and Las Vegas! :)

SO IM so looking forward to the upcoming weekend and to the things that will be happening from now on! :)

And I still can't believe it!!

Got the language travel for FREE!! One again!!!

I'm sooo happy!!!! :)

Love and hugs from one VERY excited Camilla :)

the Spanish Cristina (who unfortunately didn't have the ability to come here for the reunion party this year), and Celine, me, and the photographer, Louise who will be here in only four days😍 - at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Fransisco! 😍 missing it so much!!

Going the Street of Karl Johan!

Hey yo!

Now I just got home. I was out doing street action today, again- and today there were a lot of people who were interested actually! ;) I absolutely love when it's like that! - that is one of the things that makes street action a very very cool thing!! :)

Today I went from the fountain at National Theateret down Karl Johan and ended my little walk at Oslo city, as usual :)

It was such a great street action today! It was great going the street of Karl Johan! :D

- one happy Camilla :)

VIDEO: The time of my life!

Hey there again! 

This video has been lying on youtube for a while now, but anyway i thought it wold be nice to post it here as well! :) This is a video telling a story. A story about some of the best experiences in my life! But no matter what this video shows, it will not ever show how great, how fantastic, how AMAZING this trip really was! Ii will tell you something, of course... but there are surtain things not pictures or texts can ever explain. One of those cases are EF Long Beach! - the atmosphere, the people, the places.. no everything... you know - and yes - i have said it before, but there are things you actually have to experience yourself to really understand! <3 

Go for it! Order a trip with EF and get 5500kr off if you order before 26 of August and mention my name when you order! just do it! ;) Go for it! 

you will never regret! :D

- Camilla  

Three cities doing one thing <3

Heyyo guys!

This is the last weekend of the summer holiday, and that's a little sad, but what we have been doing this weekend has been very very nice, and not to mention social! As you guys know, I went out doing street action on Friday with Rita Therese, and yesterday I went out doing it again with Ida Natalie from Nesodden and Sara Emilie from Sarpsborg. So we met as usual in front of a fountain at the national theater and went from there. Three cities doing one very social thing! :) it was the first time me and Ida went with Sara as well! Omg! She's fantastic! She is one of the reasons why street action is so fun! So we will all three be doing that again! ;) that's for sure! :)

I had the best time yesterday! - as always! It is and will always be something special with going street action with people like that! :)

See you!

- Camilla :)

<3 <3 <3

Doing what I love!

Hey guys!

(I was actually done with writing this post and then the Internet crashed so I had to write it once again)


I can start with the great news!!

Number one: Mara, one of the Spanish course leaders IS ACTUALLY COMING to the Norwegian Reunion Party 10. Of September!! When she first told me, I couldn't believe it Hahahah I actually started crying of happiness! She is one of the best people I know here on earth! But there's something with the EF leaders, they are the best people in the world anyway! ;)

AND secondly .... Okay... Now you might think that I am crazy ... But I'm not ... There is something with the places I absolutely fall in love with.... Some days after I left EF long beach (I was still in the USA) I checked my ambassador page on my. EF and discovered that I had four bookings!! FOUR bookings!! I really had problems with believing my eyes, but it was true! - so some days after I came home I called the EF office and - I say it one more time, there is something with the places I fall in love with- ORDERED a new language travel, BACK to long beach!!! I can't believe it- I honestly still can't believe it! I am back in my own little dreaming world right now! :D and then the best thing happened - some days ago I got the fifth booking! So now I just have to, which I definitely will- work hard enough, and then I will end up with the whole language for free again! This is sick, this is Unbelievable, this is amazing! And this is probably what is going to make Monday, when school starts, a bit easier ;)

So, that was my good (amazing) news! So now I can tell that circa one week ago there was an info meeting at the EF office. And I absolutely love attending those meetings! Because I get to meet new people and I get to do what I love - I get to tell people about EF long beach and the absolute AMAZING SPECIAL atmosphere there is on that destination!! :)

And one other thing I love is what I did yesterday! :) I went street action with Rita Therese! :) - luckily in a better weather than last time :p the reason why I love to go street action is because you get to be social as well as doing something amazing! Promote for the BEST language travel company in the world! ;) - that's not something I'm just saying - you know I mean it from the bottom of my heart! <3

And today I am going to paint the city pink again :) this time with Ida and Sara! It's going to be just as great as always! :) and by the way: now, if you ORDER a language travel with EF before August 26th, you will get 5500kr off if you travel to USA, Australia or Japan, and 2500kr off if you travel somewhere in Europe! IF you mention my name when you order, Camilla Haakonsen!! :)No matter where you go it's going to be great, and you know it! You know it's going to be the summer of your life! - JUST GO FOR IT! And you know that you will never regret! - just do it! :D

See you soon!

- Camilla :)

Feels GREAT to be back in pink! :D

Hey there!

Sorry for not having the ability to blog... Because when I was sitting on the plane you might think: what is there to do except blog? Well... I didn't have internet or anything and I've been with friends since I came home until now... Anyway...


Today me and Ida and some other girls went out doing street action... In a pouring rain... I actually had to change my clothes because I was really really soaked in water! But there's nothing called bad weather when you work with EF stuff!! Really! So now I'm gathering points for another free language travel! I can do it! I really know I can!! :)

But anyway, we went out and I, as I said, absolutely loved it! Because that's the thing with street action! You meet people, you talk, AND you get to do EF things! That's just the best!!

- love Camilla

New dreaming world :) missing it! Missing you! But who knows: maybe I'll be back next year as well! :)

Hey guys!

My little EF dreaming world is now behind me... And honestly I feel a little empty ... When am I going to see you guys again? But who knows! Maybe I'll go back next year! I will definitely that if I get the chance!! I'm hoping that the EF office can be a little kind to me (as they always are) and let me go back even though I turn 18 very soon! :) hoping hoping hoping!

Well anyway! I'm still in the USA though and we drove for 9 and a half hour to get to Phoenix :) it was worth it though! We're in Arizona! Cool! Loving it!! So I'm in another dreaming world right now! However: nothing will ever be compared to EF long beach :) loving you <3

Now we are staying at Sheraton in downtown Phoenix in 28th floor so you better not be afraid of heights staying here! Luckily I'm not :)

The view from our hotel room :)

Thank you so very very much! I love you!


Guys... The time has come... This is so sad... Really! I'm gonna cry so much tonight... My group leaves at 4.30 am (!!) so we are planning on staying up all night and just saying a real goodbye:) :( well! This was such a nice day!! Much more crying than what I wanted it to be though... Printed t - skirts and wrote quotes on my them and went to Huntington Beach to have goodbye party... But I hate that word :p so let's just call it a party! Makes it a lot more fun! Haha :) so now there is exactly three hours and half an hour until they (we) are gonna meet... There's no way that they are leaving without me saying goodbye! :)

Anyway! I just want to thank you guys for SUCH A NICE day and THE BEST SUMMER EVER!!! I can't tell how grateful I am!! Thank you to the absolute fantastic Morten, Michael and Svein Egil! For making my summer perfect once more! And I want to thank all my new friends for being the best friends ever! I thought it was going to be fantastic! But never as fantastic at it turned out to be!! :) THANK YOU SO VERY VERY MUCH! I love you!! :)

- travel hug from a sad but grateful Camilla :)

Best gang ever🌟

This only happens once in a blue moon (once in a red sun?)!

Heyy guys!

Just before I start with saying anything else: I can't believe we have come this far... Today is our last day in paradise... I don't think my brain really have observed that yet ... But it is true... Last day... But I just want to say that these four weeks has been the ABSOLUTELY COMPLETELY best four weeks of my life' by just as - if not even better - good as last year!! Thank you guys!!

But it isn't over yet! And now is the time to enjoy the last day! Now is the time to make these memories last forever! And by the way guys! I'm so forever grateful! I love you!! :)

Anyway! Before I get too emotional here (which I definitely am going to five o'clock in the morning tomorrow, that's when the first group leaves) I have to tell how yesterday was!

It all stated with a pancake breakfast. Unhealthy... Yes I know... But something more social and cosy is hard to find! We had such a great time chatting, chilling out and eating pancakes! After that, we went to UCLA! I absolutely love that university! I want to go there! But I don't think I have enough money for that... Or good enough grades... But never give up... Right? :)

Well anyway! When we drove there, the sky was totally covered in red, yellow and black ... At first I thought it was pollution, but then I the bus driver told us that there has been a huge fire going on for four days right by griffins park I think... They are apparently still trying to stop it... That's scary... And it explains why I have heard so many "howling" cars the last few days ... And when we arrived to the Beverly Hills sign, the sky was even worse... And the sun was small and totally covered in red... Wow... That only happens once in a blue moon... Or should I rather say once in a red sun? :p

However... After taking pictures in front of the sign, me, Louise, Celine, Amalie and Cristina went out eating on such a cosy restaurant!! It was q green little garden with a fountain! And the food was amazing as well!!

After going to Beverly Hills, we went to the Beverly Center! I promised myself not to do shopping... But that was a promise I couldn't keep :( haha .. Well... Not everyday you're in the USA after all :)

And lastly we went back to campus and watched the movie shark summer! I've never seen it before, so I thought it was exciting:) scary but exciting :)

So to say it shortly: I had the best time yesterday, as every other day, here with EF! And this day is going to be great as well!

And tomorrow another adventure starts: my dad's gonna pick me up and we are going to drive a little around in the US! Can't wait! So I'm not going to say that it will be easier to say goodbye then.., I'm just saying that then there will be something great waiting for me afterwards! :)

See you!

- Camilla :)

Got some nice pictures out of it at least! :)

Laguna love!



After just having some chillout early on today we met at 10.20 to go to Laguna Beach! Yupp I know this sounds awful ... But really it wasn't! - we took the bus (public transportation) from a stop loooong from here ... We walked for one hour and twenty minutes hahaha :) well then we burned off some of the calories at least:p because Google maps led us in the wrong direction :p and then when we (finally) got on the bus we sat there for one hour and 30 mins and then we were at Laguna!! I absolutely LOVE that beach! Felt so nice being back! We went to an Italian restaurant and then ate some ice cream AND then chilled at that beautiful beach :) when we went back home we spent two hours in the bus on our way him, but the time went by fast cause I wrote a story. :) then we got our in n out for free because we won that scavenger hunt picture thing and we had such a nice time in the lounge as always! :)